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Franklyn Scholar

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Ryan Trainor, former Managing Director of Franklyn Scholar for committing the company to this important project. Under his leadership, Franklyn Scholar committed to fund and build the Franklyn Scholar Vocational Training Centre and to engage all staff to be part of this via the Footprints initiative. Victoria Woodfall headed a team of motivated Champions from Franklyn Scholar’s offices around Australia who raised funds and awareness of the company’s important initiative. We sincerely thank Victoria and her team for all their hard work.

Vocational training equals Empowerment.  As females tend to suffer most from poverty, investing in education and training programs can elevate them from their traditional subservient roles, and their children and communities also benefit.  With new skills, they have the opportunity to climb out of the poverty trap, develop greater self respect and gain respect from their communities as they become more valued participants in the local economy.

For more information about Franklyn Scholar’s activities, please visit the Franklyn Scholar tab.

MaddocksMaddocks is proud to be the Pro Bono legal adviser to the I-India Project Australia and Friends of I-India . As a premium legal services provider they are committed to giving back to the community. One of the key ways they do this is through the provision of pro bono advice to those organisations working for the public good but who have limited resources available to improve and protect their work. To find out more about Maddocks visit www.maddocks.com.au

environmental partnership logoEnvironmental Partnership (NSW) Pty Ltd is a multi-award winning landscape architecture firm, which provides urban design and environmental planning specialist services in urban and landscape design, open space planning, and environmental management. Their approach links site opportunities with client needs through a thorough understanding of the physical and social environments in which they are working.  Their planning and design solutions integrate function with site responsive design form to express identity and sense of place. Landscape Architect, Belinda Graham developed a stunning landscaping design that addressed the challenging environmental, social and economic objectives.  It richly enhances the living and learning environment for the children at the Jhag Children’s Village campus.  Belinda’s intimate knowledge and understanding of India meant that she had the ability to develop an innovative design that is based on traditional village life concepts.  Belinda Graham and Adam Hunter generously provided all their landscape architecture services pro-Bono, and their ongoing advice as the project continues is extremely important, valuable and deeply appreciated by all.

wilsen pedersen landscapesWilson Pedersen has been constructing award winning landscapes in and around the Sydney area for over 30 years.  Their projects include landmarks such as Sydney Park (St Peters), Hollis Park (Newtown) and Victoria Park (Camperdown ). In January 2013 they generously donated their professional services to transform the landscape of the Jhag Children’s Village through performing major earthworks including constructing roadways which link the buildings and constructing a dry creek bed.  They worked closely with Belinda Graham (Environmental Partnership), bringing her stunning plans towards fruition, transforming the flat construction site by giving shape and order to the landscape.  The job received their professional attention and high-quality work completely free of charge.  The only costs incurred were for the purchase of the materials and the hire of machinery.  We wish to thank Brett Wilson and Martin Pedersen and their families most sincerely for their kindness and generosity.  They have inspired the entire region as the local villagers who were engaged in the work embraced the opportunity to learn about landscaping.  Everyone was excited and amazed at the phenomenal result after just five days.  The Jhag Children’s Village is an oasis in the desert – a shining beacon to illustrate what wonderful things are possible when people of talent and generosity of spirit give freely of themselves to make this world a more beautiful and harmonious place.

Linen and moreWe are very grateful for the personal support of Anna Lofts, and her business, Linen & Moore.  Anna is a regular donor, visitor and advocate and we are very thankful for her on-going support, which has materialised into very real improvements in the lives of children who were rescued from the streets by I-India. Please visit www.linenmoore.com.au to see the stunning products in her range.


Gazal Apparel Pty Ltd and the Gazal family supported I-India Project Australia in many ways over the years.  We thank them very sincerely for their ongoing generosity.

Mount Stuart School

Mount Stuart Primary School

Headed by teacher Chris Haas, Mount Stuart Primary School held two major fundraising “Bollywood” events, raising $3456 to buy a huge and exciting range of educational toys and teaching resources, which has enriched the learning life of the disadvantaged children who attend Prem Pathshala. The equipment was purchased at very special prices from Modern Teaching Aids, kindly arranged by Neville Dykes. The school also raised $3353 to buy ten new computers with flat screen monitors for the school’s computer room. Of course this cutting edge technology was only the stuff of dreams before then. The computer skills that the children are developing are only possible because of Mount Stuart’s children, parents and community. Mount Stuart is a sister school to Prem Pathshala.

Burwood Girls

Burwood Girls High School

Burwood Girls High School’s motto is “Not For Ourselves Alone” and the generosity of the school bears that out. Principal, Mia Kumar and Head Teacher of Social Sciences, Patrice Simpson, teachers, students and the school community raised a total of $12,667.95! A group of students and teachers visited I-India in January 2014 for a very special cross-cultural exchange. They visited all of I-India’s projects in and around Jaipur. They brought art materials from Sydney to create an extraordinary artwork together with I-India’s children. It hangs in Prem Pathshala, beautifully symbolising the special relationship the schools have. Some of the funds raised by the school have purchased water coolers that are greatly appreciated by all during the long hot months. I-India is extremely grateful for the ongoing support of Burwood Girls High School.

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