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Celia Barnett at Diwali Ball 2012

About Friends of I-India

I-India Project Australia was established on 3 May 2007 in Sydney as a Not-for-Profit charitable organisation and it operated until 30 June 2015. On 1 July 2015 it commenced operations as Friends of I-India and established a Project Management Group with World Relief Australia.

Friends of I-India continues to be committed to working with I-India to improve the lives and futures of underprivileged and marginalised children from Jaipur and below-poverty-line families in the impoverished villages surrounding our project, The Jhag Children’s Village.

Friends of I-India does not hold an ABN or fundraising licences, but as a Project Management Group with World Relief Australia, it can raise funds and donors are issued with tax deductible receipts by World Relief Australia .


The mission of Friends of I-India is to address the immediate and long-term needs of rural Indian women who are disproportionately poor and uneducated and who suffer gender-based discrimination, persecution and violence. Through the provision of opportunities for personal and professional growth and development, we aim to change attitudes that damage society generally, but children in particular. It is only when women are free to determine the course of their own destinies that society is free.


Through its partnership with World Relief Australia, Friends of I-India can accept donations for The Gudri Project.

World Relief Australia (WRA) is an overseas aid agency passionate about delivering global poverty solutions in partnership with Australian NGOs and In-Country Delivery Organisations. Consultative, innovative, capacity building and ethical, WRA empowers disadvantaged communities to pursue their own pathways out of poverty. With best-practice toolkits, Australian fund raising permits and DGR1 Endorsement, donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. World Relief Australia provides donors with tax deductible receipts at the end of the financial year.

For its administration costs, World Relief Australia deducts 10% from each donation. This cost is the only deduction incurred as Friends of I-India is totally financed, run and managed by its volunteers.

Project Management Group

Renate Barnett

Renate Barnett
Project Officer

Celia Barnett

Celia Barnett

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Ali Walsh

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